Electric frying pan advantages of what? Electric frying pan purchase method

Time:2016-09-18 12:00:00
First, the advantages of electric frying pan What?
1, electric frying pan of the versatility: fried, fried, fried, baked, steamed, stuffy, rinse
In this case,
2, electric frying pan energy-saving environmental protection: heating material into the cast iron plate, so that heat to the full use of
3, the body with high-quality stainless steel, cover the use of high-temperature-enhanced glass, easy to observe.
4, electric frying pan safety and environmental protection: with multiple security protection, the national mandatory safety CCC certification, smoke-free, no fire, no electromagnetic waves, no microwave radiation, pregnant women, infants and young children without any impact.
5, high temperature dry, high temperature automatic power-off protection.
6, the electric pot of durable: high-tech embedded heating plate materials, heating materials and air completely isolated, durable.
7, return to nature: the combination of traditional and technology, the furnace itself fever. Pot with heat balance, to ensure that the natural qualities of food.
Electric cooking utensils for cooking, baking, baking, etc. Also known as non-stick pan. General electric heating components around the bottom, and some have two heating surface (that is, the bottom cover has), to ensure uniform heating of food. Its surface contains a layer of non-stick coating, can prevent the phenomenon of food adhesion. Can be used to fried buns, pancakes and other easy to use popular consumer favorite.
Second, the electric frying pan purchase method
In this case,
1, the brand
The market in the sale of electric frying pan a lot of products, the price from a hundred dollars to several hundred dollars, ranging from thousands of dollars, there are dozens of brands. As the electric frying pan product is a high-power, high-temperature electrical appliances, for the use of high security requirements, it is recommended that you choose domestic manufacturers of brand-name products as well.
2, the appearance
In the purchase of electric frying pan, you should pay special attention to the appearance of the product, the specific attention to the following aspects:
A, product packaging is intact, no bump, flooding, damage and other phenomena;
B, electric frying pan appearance of the material is smooth, smooth, no smell;
C, whether the product manufacturing process is excellent, no excessive gap and opening and closing of the poor phenomenon;
D, product accessories are comprehensive, easy to use;
E, the pot is not sticky coating is uniform and have a certain thickness and hardness.
3, after-sales service
Electric frying pan products, after-sales service is very important, so when you buy electric frying pan to ask the product warranty period, after-sales service network and other information, but also need to pay attention to obtain a formal machine-printed invoices and fill in warranty to avoid Product failure is not a good warranty, maintenance of the phenomenon.