Electric baking pan how to use?

Time:2016-09-18 12:00:00
1, the first use of non-stick pan, rinse and dry with water before opening, and then into the oven, baked with 200 degrees for 10 minutes, remove and cool to room temperature, dry with a soft cloth can be used.
Note: Every time you use non-stick mold coated with cooking oil, you can maximize the non-stick, to extend the coating time.
2, non-stick coating in a long time under high temperature work, the pores will expand, suddenly cooled immediately after the tightening will make the residue hidden in it does not come out, erosion does not stick coating, and ultimately lead to coating to promote non-stick. Baking temperature of less than 240 degrees, more to extend the service life; to avoid uneven heating, baking temperature can not exceed 290 degrees can not burn.
3, do not roast or to be baked food for a long time on the non-stick mold, because the accumulation of food in the warm air, sugar and oil corrosion will corrode and oxidize the bottom of the coating metal.
Do not use acid detergent to clean, encounter stubborn stains, with a sponge or a soft cloth to clean. Cut with a coarse abrasive cloth or steel wire.When the temperature is too low, Balls, metal shovel Cleaning of raisin cloth.
5, as far as possible to avoid a strong collision, friction leaving the coating damaged, scratched. Light to put, it is best to avoid accumulation, drag the non-stick coating.
6, Hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance is better than the anode treatment, the surface was grayish black, acid and alkali, superior hardness, easy maintenance and cleaning, the surface with 50% from the water, is not Especially suitable for making cake mold and pizza mold, the number of times can be used up to more than 20,000 times.
7, the first use of dural mold, washed before opening the water, 150 degrees after drying, wipe the surface with a small amount of grease.
8, washed with warm water and keep dry after use, do not directly use the flame heating, or baking temperature of more than 280 degrees.